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"The man is quite simply out of his mind!"

Glenn Milligen of Metallivile Zine interviews Gary Holt for the forthcoming Event on March 27th at The Regent Theater DTLA

How did you initially get to know Carlos Martinez (the man behind Rock ‘N Roll Wrestling) and what effect did he have on you?

I first met Carlos when he guys filmed some Exodus tour stuff several years back, as to what effect? The man is quite simply out of his mind!


What were your thoughts when Carlos asked you to be part of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Wrestling @ The Regents Theatre, Los Angeles & what made you decide to be one of the musicians for it overall?

It sounded like fun! The rock and roll wrestling bash has been killing it overseas now for sometime and the opportunity to partake in the mayhem sounded great to me! And the timing worked out so I will be there to play a couple songs with the band!


What are you looking forward to about the event and why?

Watching Carlos leap off the top rope is gonna be pretty awesome, it'll be hard to keep from falling down laughing, and I mean that in a GOOD way!

Do you have any pre-conceived ideas on how the crowd will take to you and what would you consider will be the best way to get their attention and have them in the palm of your hands, so to speak?

Oh hell, I have no idea! No you are putting pressure on me! Haha! I'm just going to rock a bit and relax and enjoy the show!


What led you to meeting El Brujo’s Gorechestra who you are performing alongside?

Actually I haven't yet met them, I will day of the event.


Are there any particular wrestlers there that you are most looking forward to working with and if so, which ones and why?

El Brujo, the one and only! And mostly because as long as I've known Carlos he told me rad shit about him.


Have you ever done anything like this before and if so what and how was it?

Never, this is the first time I've ever been a small part of anything like this


Do you have to get into a particular mind-set before you hit the stage and if so what and why?

Just have to warm up and get the body prepared for a beating it is surely going to take, this is be much easier on me, a bit of metal and some laughs!


Have you played any shows at the Regent Theatre before and if so, what can you tell us about them and what are your overall thoughts to the venue with regard to size, sound and vibe in there?

Never been there before, but I'm looking forward to it


What else would you like to talk about with regard to the Rock 'N Roll Wrestling even that we have not covered?

I think the main thing is Carlos has brought real vaudeville level entertainment, mixed it with some heavy metal and created something truly fun and unique. Not to be missed!


What would you say are the toughest parts with regard to being in both Slayer & Exodus on both a musical and mental level and why?

Being in two places at once, which is impossible. Doing the occasional doubly duty tour is a brutal endeavor on my back but whenever those pop up I'm more than willing to take the punishment, it keeps both bands working at once.


You’ve no doubt been asked this many times but how did you feel stepping into the Slayer realm and being a member in the band? Did it take to long to feel part of it all or do you still sometimes feel as the new boy or outsider?

Considering they've been old friends for years it just felt like hanging out with your bros, you know? They made me feel like family from day one


If you could have a set of songs in one set by both Slayer and Exodus, which would be your definite faves to place in there and why?

That is way too long of a question! There are too many favorite songs to count


What are the chances of Exodus and Slayer doing a tour together and you performing with both bands the same night? What are your thoughts to that idea and why?

As I mentioned in the earlier question, it's been done, actually three times. Who knows, mayne some time or another we will make it four!

Tell us about your brand new ESP Guitar – how’s it feeling to you so far and what stands out about it?

It is just an amazing instrument, the tone, the playability, the looks, it's everything I've ever wanted in a guitar, total perfection. Love it!


Dare I ask which guitar(s) you will be using for the Rock 'N' Roll Wrestling event and why those in particular?

I'll be playing one of my custom shop ESP's most likely my gold top. Great guitar and I was planning on taking it home with me for a bit anyways, so I will have it in hand


What have been the craziest, weirdest and most outrageous shows you have done over the years? What happened?

Too many to count, people destroying things on a grand scale, mayhem, disaster, you name it

How about a book as there’s a great career story right there? If so, what would you call it and what would you feature on the cover?

A book? I've thought about it but there's a lot of metal books going around right now. Cover? Maybe the MRI of my spine after years of abuse!


What else would you like to discuss that I haven’t mentioned so far with regard to your career etc?

You have pretty much covered the bases here I think


What other parts of 2016 and onwards are you looking forward to and why?

More shows, more tours, travel, and most importantly some time at home. And maybe some more Rock n roll wrestling bash shows!


What are you most proud of over the years?

The fact that I'm still standing

See Gary Holt performing with The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash on March 27th at The Regent in Los Angeles.